map Italy Italy- MI&P- central office and administration:

Current ventures:
-Glass Onion - Cosmetics Research, production and distribution
-Second Life Electronics- agents for Italy-service company to collect, refurbish and sell used mobile phones devices on emerging markets
-The Food Project-, taking global premium quality Italian Producers
-Tradapharma-start up and products distribution
-Milano Design Team-design and social value

Past Ventures:
-Pasta Eater-multiple Location retailing-start up
-Starseed Ventures-Real Estate Development,Construction Management,Project Management
-Sector Sport Watches-Global Marketing and Communication Strategy
-Time Trend-Corporate Gift Market-start up and distribution
-Powerbreathe-Innovative Underwater Technologies-start up
-Visual Marketing Group-Innovative Marketing and Communication Technologies-start up
-Villa Antica-wine production and distribution

Consulting and Project Management-Among our Clients:
-Ferrero-Barilla-Bulgari-DHL-Pirelli R.E.-Aquamarcia Molino Stucky-Pa.Co. Costruzioni
Usa USA:
-MI&P U.S.A. Miami
-Milano Design Team ,Design and Social Value-Distribution of contemporary Italian made design furniture
-Pasta Eater, fresh pasta production and multiple location retailing-start up
-The House of Pasta-Project management
-United Venture Management-marketing research and analysis
Mexico Mexico:
-Premium Italian Food products brokers. Representing Italian brands on an exclusive basis
Columbia Colombia:
-Premium Italian Food products brokers. Representing Italian brands on an exclusive basis
bwi Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI:
-Real Estate Development and Project Management
France France:
-Glass Onion -cosmetics distribution
Denmark Denmark:
-Glass Onion -cosmetics distribution
Norway Norway:
-Glass Onion -cosmetics distribution
Finland Finland:
-Glass Onion Finland-cosmetics distribution
Romania Romania:
-Glass Onion Romania-cosmetics distribution
Africa Africa:
-Logistics and distribution of Italian food products (South Sudan, Rwanda, Uganda,Kenya)
China China:
- Bejing, National TV series production and broadcasting-Product Placement
-Shanghai, Barilla Project , retailing and branding strategy on Chinese market
Korea Korea:
-Glass Onion Seoul-cosmetics distribution
Singapore Singapore:
-Tradapharma products distribution
russia Russia:
-Boctok-global product launch and world wide distribution
israel Israel:
-Underwater Technologies. Product Development and supply
england England:
-Powerbreathe Underwater Technologies Lab
iran Iran:
-Project Management-Ancient Sites Restoration
switzerland Switzerland:
-Tradapharma-Research and marketing of innovative products for man and their sexuality.


The consulting boutique MI&P (Massimo Iacono & Partners) has assisted for over twenty years companies and entrepreneurs in the strategy, execution and general management of projects aimed at gaining or increasing presence and results on the market.

Manager, marketing professional and entrepreneur, Massimo Iacono graduated in Business Administration at Babson College- Boston, where he is still involved as member of the Global Advisory Board. After the position of world-wide Product Manager at Ing.C.Olivetti &C., founded the firm MI&P which has led to the success or contributed in a decisive way to some significant marketing operations, product launches, start-ups and business development in Europe, U.S.A, Latin America, Middle East, China, Japan.

MI&P is at the same time an advisory/management firm, a holding of start-up affiliates and a global network of operational partners.

The four primary areas of expertise are:

  • Global marketing strategies and executive management
  • Project management and start-up
  • Business promotion and global market development
  • Mega-marketing and business networking

Ideas advance on men's legs is the synthesis of style and model of a management consulting firm that combines talents and professions into a single team, set and led in the achievement of objectives.

Managers and professionals, companies and entrepreneurs are invited to the team as project partners to act on national and international projects. Therefore creating professional adequacy, ideas and creativity, concrete execution and results, flexibility, speed and cost optimization.

With this methodology, MI&P assists multinationals and small businesses, prestigious brands and start up projects , resulting in the affirmation of well-known cases in areas ranging from the watch to the food industry, from construction to real estate development, from underwater technologies to catering, from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals.

Finally, ethics and trust are seen as essential ingredients for a winning team, along with strict relationship with the company, the entrepreneur, the management and the market.


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